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Jeongseong Arirang Culture Foundation

Jeongseon Arirang Culture Foundation, KOREA

  • Address : 17 Bongyang-3 Street, Jeongseon-eup, Jeongseon County, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea
  • Telephone : 82 33 560 2918
  • Fax : 82 33 560 2921
  • Email : cho91027@hanmail.net
  • Homepage : www.jacf.or.kr

The Jeongseon Arirang foundation, a non- profit culture and arts organization located in Jeongseon country, Gangwon Province. The foundation was established in September 2008 with vision of development of the folk song Jeongseon Arirang; of providing administrative and financial assistance and facility and program aides regarding this tack and of ultimately achieving local cultural development, community integration, and regional economic vitalization trough his, meaningful effort. As it top legislative body, the foundation features a board of directors comprise of 14 experts in Jeongseon Arirang. To enhance the professionalism of the organization. It also maintains a separate consultative body composed of scholar specializing in academic areas related to Jeongseon  Arirang. Headed by chief director, a total of ten specialist staff the three teams- management planning, cultural projects. And research & development and office of the Jeongseon Arirang festival, which together are tasked with the partial business of the foundation.

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