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Gangneung, Korea - June 5, 2014

14-07-28 11:53

Gangneung Danoje Festival, one of the biggest festivals in Korea, was inscribed as UNESCO Representative List in 2008. It comprises of rituals, performance, folklore games, and open market. During the 8 days of the festival, it draws more than 800,000 people. To this prestigious festival Gangneung Danoje Festival committee invited two members of ICCN – Xochimilco of Mexico and Lipovjan Ensemble, on behalf of Vlcnov, Czech Republic - to exchange and to promote local cultures of each other, on the occasion of Gangneung danoje festival 2014.

The Juvenile Orchestra of Xochimilco, founded in 1972 and consists of around 20-30 members, opened Danoje festival as its participation of parade with Gangneung citizens. Under the director of Cecilia Pessina and strong support from Mayor Miguel Angel Camara-Arango, the band successfully introduced Xochimilco’s traditional music to Gangneung citizen.
Also, during their stay in Gangenung, they visited a local school and had a chance to meet with local students and exchange friendship. It became a memorable moment for the youths of the both sides for cultural enrichment of Xochimilco and Gangneung.

Then, the second half of Gangneung Danoje festival was celebrated by wonderful performance of Lipovjan, on behalf of Vlcnov, Czech Republic.

The Lipov village is situated in the Moravian part neighboring our member city Vlcnov. Lipov is a renowned city for its wine production. It was not unitl the 1920 that the civilization penetrated into this region and, when it did, it penetrated very slowly and that is why folk arts, folk music, singing, dancing, and especially the custom with its rich embroideries have been kept there almost in the original forms. 21 young dancers and musicians visited Gangneung and shared their charming ICH.

Gangneung Danoje Festival Committee said that it was such a great honor and “cultureful” moment thanks to ICCN members from all around the world. The citizen of Gangneung could enjoy diverse culture along with Danoje sprits. Therefore, they will continue to invite ICCN members for the next Gangneung Danoje Festival.

The Juvenile Orchestra of Xochimilco, Visited local school

The Juvenile Orchestra of Xochimilco, after Gangneung Danoje parade

Lipovjan Ensemble, performing at the Gangneung Danoje festival main stage

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