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[Local Event] 2015 Gangneung Danoje Festival

15-04-13 15:07

Gangneung Danoje Festival
June 13th ~ June 23rd

Brief about Festival:
As one of the oldest and largest traditional festivals in Korea, this festival encompasses religious rituals, traditional music, folk songs, mask drama, oral narrative poetry, and various popular pastimes. Even under the rule of Japanese Imperialism or wars, Gangneung Danoje Festival was never suspended. It rather united the people together in east coastal areas of Korea and still plays an important role in... the re-creation and succession of the traditional value. This festival is also a place of international cultural and artistic exchange and it draws a large number of visitors from home and abroad. It was proclaimed as the Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO in 2005.

Israel : Ramat-Hasharon city Music Group
Folkland, India : Yakshagana Puppet Show

The two performance groups from Israel and India have confirmed there visit to Gangnueng Danoje Festival showing their culture through performances and will share their cultures with locals in Gangneung. This will be a great experience to both performance groups, us (ICCN and Danoje Committee), and people who visit festival to know diverse cultures and share intangible cultural heritage through this festival.

                                                                                         ICCN Secretariat

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