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[2016 CPI] Calling candidates for 2016 CPI program!

16-04-04 14:12

ICCN Exchange program 2016

The ICCN Secretariat is calling for candidates who will join the ICCN exchange program. The Secretariat invites people (experts) from each member city and organization of the ICCN to do dispatched-service at the Secretariat, Gangneung. This project will be a best opportunity for both the secretariat and members, to share each other’s knowhow of organizing international conference and networking internationally. This project aims to empower both the ICCN Secretariat and members’ capability. In addition to working at the office, participants will get a chance to experience diverse Korean intangible cultures. Also, there will be some chances to participated in several international conference held in Korea during your stay.

The ICCN Exchange program is operated with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Korea, and Korean Culture and Information Service. It is a part of the Cultural Partnership Initiative, so called CPI, which is for preparing a foundation of mutual development through cultural interchange between Korea and other countries. Due to the policy of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Korea to the program, the Secretariat would like to ask your understanding that participants are limited for those from following countries. (Please see the list below)

For those who are interested in this program, the Secretariat is now waiting for you.

 □ Application Information □

1. DURATION: 5 months (July 1st ~ November 30th, 2016)

2. LOCATION: ICCN Secretariat, Gangneung, Republic of Korea


(1) Specialist in the field of Culture, Art, Tourism, and Communication (Artist, Public servant, Researcher, Journalist, etc.)
 Candidate has to be between 25 to 45 years of age from following countries: Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Cambodia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Uzbekistan, Ghana

(2) Competent language capacity is required for training (English).
(3) Holding a position in related training sector within his/her native country with an active interest for cultural exchange with Korea
 * Former CPI Participants cannot apply.



International Conference training
ICCN holds the international conference, which are General Assembly and Thematic workshop, every other year. Main function of the participant is to assist the preparation of 2016 ICCN General Assembly. It includes corresponding with ICCN members and experts, preparing materials for the meeting, and supporting cooperation with UNESCO and other international organizations.

I. Preferred working experiences in international conferences and cooperation,
II. Understanding of ICCN and its Activities,
III. Strong English ability in writing and speaking,
IV. Preferred skills of Social Media (Facebook, Youtube and any other types of web-based media),
V. Able to demonstrate his/her own intangible cultures in any ways

Responsibilities; (Daily Responsibilities include):
I. Support preparation of the 2016 ICCN Conference, including corresponding with ICCN members and experts,
II. Cooperation with UNESCO and other international organizations,
III. Preparation of the events to introduce ICCN and members culture at the local,
IV. Plan for promoting ICCN and members cultures internationally

Mandatory Program:
I. Korean Language Class
II. Experiencing Korea and cultures (Field Trip)
III. Write a short-research report related to local cultural events or festivals.
(Specific topic will be decided after consulting between the secretariat and participants)


Financial support for Round-trip airfare, Living expenses, Training expenses (including Korean language training), and Medical insurance will be provided.

(1) Airfare: Round-trip direct flight airfare (economy class) from airport nearest to the participant's place of residence to Incheon International Airport in Korea.
 Please make a note that Airfares for participating the 2016 ICCN Conference is not provided.

(2) Place of residence: a one room studio or flat-share with a co-participant

(3) Living Expense: Living Expenses to cover food, transportation, communication, taxes and public utilities (About US$830 per month in last year’s standard, enough for cover living expenses in Korea.)
Please make a note that this program is not a job opening. This is an exchange program and amount of money for living expenses is only for your 5 months stay.

(4) Training Expense: Expenses for Korean language and professional training

(5) Medical Insurance

(6) Costs for cultural experiences



Interested candidates must submit 1) a cover letter, 2) CPI application form & proposal form, and 3) a letter of recommendation from the mayor of your city or the head of your organization.
Please send your documents via E-mail, iccnsecretariat@gmail.com
Only those identified for an assignment will be contacted to discuss their application and availability. Candidates are selected by a panel.

(1) Document Examination

(2) Telephone Interview (will be notified after you submit you document)


This announcement is open and continuous until April 22, 2016 (in local time), although selections may be made in advance of that date. Incomplete applications or those submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

ICCN Secretariat
E-mail: iccnsecretariat@gmail.com
Tel:  +82 33 640 5476
Fax: +82 33 640 4720

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