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Sustainable Local Development

ICCN believes the crucial role of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in sustainable local development. A creative economy, which combines culture, represented as ‘sensibility’, with existing knowledge and technology, is the key for local development and competiveness. The ICCN is trying to maximize local cultural identity and to inspire local’s creativity through its Intangible Cultural Heritage. Eventually, this cultural identity and creativity will lead to sustainable local development and put locals in a leading role of the coming future.

1) ICCN Joint Festival project

The ICCN held successfully 1st ICCN World Intangible Cultural Festival (Gangneung, Korea, 2012) and 2nd Festival (Esfahan, Iran, 2014). As the first joint project among the members, the ICCN festival served as a stage for introducing valuable Intangible cultural heritages and an opportunity for the realization of sustainable local development through culture.

For the more information, visit at www.iccnfestival.com
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