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Youth Activity

According to the definition of the Convention, ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage is transmitted from generation to generation and is constantly recreated by communities and groups.’ That is why people and transmission are two key factors in the safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage. Therefore, building awareness, especially among younger generations is very important. The ICCN’s objective is to encourage active and autonomous youth participation in the safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

1) ICCN International Youth Forum

The ICCN International Youth Forum is designed so that the younger generation will be able to find themselves involved in the process of cultural knowledge and skill transmission and its recreation, while discussing and sharing each other’s experiences. Participants can feel their cultural identity connected to their local communities and build world-wide friendship with exciting cultural memories. The forum is held annually.

4th ICCN International youth Forum in Dubrovnik, Croatia
Theme: ICH and Youth in Tourism
3rd ICCN International Youth Forum in Gangneung, Korea
Theme: Let’s talk about the more peaceful and diverse future!
2nd ICCN International Youth Forum in Gannat, France
Theme: “What does Intangible Cultural Heritage mean to you and how does it impact you in your daily life as well as your future?”
1st ICCN International Youth Forum in Vlcnov, Czech Republic
Theme: “The interest and experience in Intangible Cultural Heritage with the young people’s view”
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